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1 Cataclysm Spider WoW Online 1 days, 9 hours and 50 mins


Upgrade your account to premium

Greetings citizens of Azeroth!

As of today (10.04.2021) Spider-WoW have implemted the premium page! Here you can spend your vote points to upgrade your account to premium for 1, 3 or 7 days!
Premium is account wide which means all your characters will benefit from premium features!

Premium account features:

  • x2 XP Kill
  • x2 XP Quest
  • x2 XP Explore
  • x2 Honor points
  • x2 Reputa [...]


Event : Make me Famous!!!

Greetings everyone , Spider WoW is oganising another** HUGE ** event  !!! 
All you have to do is to share our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/SpiderWow  and our website : https://www.spider-wow.com/ on your facebook page !!!!
In order to be eligible you have to send proof to @spider#7079 !!! 
We'll use https://www.random.org/ to choose 5 winners !!!
The event lasts from 17/09/2021 till 30/09/2021 !!!!
Winners will be announced live on [...]


Free Boost 85 for 1 character

Greetings everyone , Spider WoW is giving to all players that create an account here : https://www.spider-wow.com/register  level 85 + 10 k gold !!!! If u bring more friends here we have even more rewards !!! Fiind us on discord for more details or leave comment down below!!!