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2021-09-09 07:23:27

We welcome you to Spider WoW and hope that players get to have a pleasant experience during the time they spend on the server. In order to create a pleasant gaming community for everyone we have several Rules and Regulations that are in place for players to follow;

Punishment Duration's and categories

Any of the following actions will result in a ban of your in-game account;

  • To pretend you are a Game Master or say you have GM friends that will favor you in any way - 20 Days ban
  • To advertise any other server - Permanent ban
  • To use any type of hacks - 30 Days ( Random world ) - 60 Days ( Instances / Battlegrounds / Arenas )
  • To trade anything in-game, selling for real money - Permanent ban
  • Arena wintrade (join the arena with your own chars or just join / leave) - 10 Days ban
  • To scam players through mails/trades - 10 Days ban
  • To insult other players (applies also in regards with their religion or nationality) - 5000 minutes mute, continuous behavior 15 Days ban
  • To use any type of farming bots ( Fish bots, etc ) - 7 Days ban
  • To create characters with Obscene names - Character will be deleted + account will be banned 5 days
  • To create guilds with obscene names - Guild will be disbanded + guild master account will be banned 3 days
  • To abuse serious bugs/exploits that favor you in any way - 30 Days or -1 ban, depends on the gravity of the situation
  • To use auto-move / auto-cast bots to prevent afk in battlegrounds - 3 Days ban, repeated actions will have the duration increased




Any of the following actions will result in a temporary Mute of your in-game account;

  • To insult any Staff member - 3000 minutes mute, Continuing to do so multiple times will result in a 7 day ban or an extended ban as needed
  • To lie to the staff (No matter how Insignificant the lie is) - 5000 minutes mute
  • To spam excessively - 2500 minute mute
  • To swear at anything related to the server or the server itself (rollbacks, restarts, scripts, site, forum, etc) - 7000 minutes mute
  • To use colors on public channels (using scripts, addons, hacks, etc) - 3000 minute mute


If you do not agree to follow the above said rules, you are free to find another gaming community

These rules also can be changed / updated as necessary when needed

If you see anyone breaking the above rules report them !!!

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