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2021-09-09 08:57:35

Greetings Spider Wow Community,

We are currently looking for new Game Masters who are eager to join our support team, We are looking for English & Romanian GameMasters.

If you're interested, please send a Private Message to spider#7079 on discord  with your application made in English, after thoroughly reading the points mentioned below:

Compulsory Requirements of Gamemasters:
- English GameMasters Should be Fluent in English Language.
- Romanian GameMasters Should be Fluent in English and Romanian Languages.

Training will be supplied without requirements for any previous GM knowledge.

Main Information that you must cover in the Application:

- Information about yourself and your Real life Schedules.
- Summary about why would you want to do THIS and what keeps you motivated to help out people.
- How much time would you be able to dedicate to Spider WoW on a Daily Basis.
- Name and Armory link of your Play Characters on the server.

Because of being a GameMaster is a serious job here, we have strict requirements:

- You must be a very mature person with a sense of humor.
- You must be active on the server.
- You must be serious in your actions.
- You must respect the implied rules.
- You must have very good knowledge of World of Warcraft.
- You must pay attention and provide your best advice to help players in need of assistance.

Please keep in mind that we're not looking for reward seekers, if you're applying just for rewards, don't bother sending an application.

Applicants will be chosen after a sufficient number of applications are sent in to review.

Don't send troll applications which waste our time, you will be Banned !!!
Looking forward for your applications, also dont expect a response if you send in a useless application, only people who are chosen will get a response in due time, so be patient and be active on forums and ingame for a message from us.

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